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Use the free PasswordWrench Secure Password Generator to create complex, secure passwords that help keep identity thieves away from your accounts. Click the “Generate a Strong Password Now!” button to launch our safe password generator, and you will see a grid of random, 256 characters along with options for creating your secure password. The complex password generated will be compatible with most web sites requirements with customizable options.

1 Use a Password Card

We create a randomly generated, unique grid of characters. PasswordWrench uses a special font to avoid the common issue of look-alike characters such as the letter “O” versus the number "0".

Small and Extended Cards

2 Generate Your Strong Password

Let PasswordWrench generate a random password for you using your unique created Password Card.

Complex and Sophisticated Selection

Thank you for using our free random password generator. This is the best password generator available to create your secure password. Our password manager tools will make it easy for you to create, retrieve and use secure passwords to any site. Want to learn more? Save multiple, complex passwords that are very difficult to break or guess, and manage them all in the PasswordWrench unique password management system. Register for FREE now!

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