How It Works - Password Manager


Generate a Password Card

Create a randomly generated, unique grid of 16 x 16 or 16 x 34 characters and assign your Password Card a name, such as “Banking” or "Emails".

PasswordWrench uses a special font to avoid the common issue of look-alike characters such as the letter “O” versus the number "0".


Build a Secure Password

Use Password Card to create a unique, intricate password(s) for any login. You can click on a row, a column, click on random characters and/or draw images on your Password Card that are easy to remember. Or let PasswordWrench generate a random password for you. While you are making those clicks and selections, our application constructs the password automatically.


Remember with a Password Hint

PasswordWrench never records your actual password(s). Instead, our Hint system helps you remember your passwords. This keeps your passwords safe and brings your security to a much higher level than any other password management systems.

Want some Tips & Tricks to help you increase your security as needed especially for sensitive logins such as your email, medical records and financial sites?

For example. If your password is column B of your Password Card, the hint you decide to record could be “Buddy” for your dog, Buddy. Or could be “Buddy and 15 friends” for “B1 to B16”. It’s up to you. To retrieve your password, we show your hint, and you know how to reconstruct your password, copy and done!


Print and/or download Your Password Card

The cards are printable and downloadable. When printed, they are the size of a credit card so it fits perfectly in your wallet for offline retrieval. Printed cards are great for use when you’re not connected, or cannot have any devices with you. The digital images are easy to use when you want everything handy in your mobile device.

See our How To Protect Your Password and Tips & Tricks
Tutorial videos below.

Our videos will demonstrate how to generate a secure password,
how to manage your passwords, and most importantly,
how to protect your password from hackers.


How It Works Tutorial Video

Want to know why PasswordWrench is the best password manager solution available? Watch this short overview on why PasswordWrench is the most secure way to generate secure passwords and easily manage them.


Tips & Tricks Tutorial Video

To learn how to better use the security options available in PasswordWrench, watch this video of Tips & Tricks on how to protect your passwords from hackers and how to keep your passwords secure.


How The Password Assistant Works

The password assistant can assist you to login in PasswordWrench safely using a few clicks.