PasswordWrench General Questions

Absolutely! You can try PasswordWrench for FREE forever for 1 password card and up to 5 hints. It’s better than a trial period since you can keep it forever. Start here.

A Password Card is a randomly generated 16 x 16, or 16 x 34, grid of characters. The default character set contains 7 bits ASCII 256 characters. You can select other characters sets as needed. The font of this grid has been especially created by PasswordWrench to eliminate common confusion between characters such as the number “0” and the letter “O”, the letter lower-case “l” and upper-case “I” and the number “1” etc.

Yes it does. We designed the UI to be responsive and the UI auto-adjusts to different screen sizes, but there is a minimum width of 640 pixels for a better experience. So if you use an IPhone, it will look better in landscape mode than in portrait.

The easiest way to get started is to use our Password Wizard to walk you through how to set up a new Password Card.

The font of this grid has been especially created by PasswordWrench to eliminate common confusion between characters such as the number “0” and the letter “O”, the letter lower-case “l” and upper-case “I” and the number “1” etc.

The extended size is a feature of any of the paid plans. To use it, create a new Password Card. You can also find this in the wizard under a check box called “Extended”.

We generate all our Password Cards using complex algorithms that minimize collisions. It’s very unlikely that 2 password cards will be ever be identical.

When creating a Password Card you have the option to select a specific character set. The default 7 bits ASCII character set should be sufficient to cover 99% of user password/login cases. When you generate a password automatically using our wizard, you can choose additional options to nail down more requirements like upper case, lower case, numeric, symbols, characters and more.

Our wizards walk you through the steps for generating a new Password Card and saving it. You can also update any existing Password Card under “My Password Cards” found in the left main menu.

Yes, you can modify the name of an existing Password Card, as well as the categories it belongs to.

Categories are designed to help users manage multiple passwords. Grouping them into categories can help you locate a particular Password Card faster. In alphabetical order, the categories are: Adult, Computers and Software, Content and Publishing, Dating, Education, Email, Financial and Banking, Games, Health and Fitness, Kids and Teens, Marketing, Multimedia and Entertainment, Networking, Personal, Real Estate, Shopping and e-commerce, Social Network, Telecommunication, and Transportation.

We built in a very easy way to manage your Password Cards. You can search them using free text field or by categories, to quickly find the password card you need in few mouse clicks.

You can delete a Password Card; just note that the system warns you before you do. It’s possible that you have multiple Password Hints associated to one of your Password Cards, and we do not want you to make a mistake and erase them all at once.

Under the section “My Password Cards”, you will see all of your Password Cards, and from there you will be able to print a password card using the button “Print”. You can also pick the color of your Password Card; we have a total of 5 colors, gray, blue, green, orange and yellow.

It will depend on your subscription plan. Our FREE plan allows you to have 1 password card with up to 5 Password Hints – no expiration. See our other Subscription Plans here.

A Password Hint is a type of tip that you record to be able to remember your password using your Password Card. For example, using one of your Password Cards, your hint could be “first row”, meaning that your password is all the characters of the first row of that Password Card. We do not recommend using a hint that is easily discoverable though. See our “Tips & Tricks” page for more ways to increase security.

It will depend on your subscription plan. Our FREE plan allows you to have 5 password hints and we have plans that allow you to have 200. If you have a Corporate Plan, every user in that plan can have 200 Password Cards, and every one of those cards can contain up to 200 password hints.

You have many options for creating passwords using one of your Password Cards. The easy-to-follow wizards will walk you through the steps. We can also automatically generate a password for you and inline with specific requirements you need.

Our automated tool can generate a password for you to meet specific requirements. Most of the time, picking a row on your password card or column will be sufficient in 99% of password/login requirements.

Yes, we provide an automated tool to create passwords for you, and options to align them for specific requirements.

It depends on how you use your Password Cards. If you use our automated tool, you just need to open the password hint associated to that password and you will have a button “Generate my Password”. See our “Tips & Tricks” page for ways to fully maximize the features of PasswordWrench for optimal security.

What we save in our database are your password hints, not your actual passwords. In order to retrieve your password, you need your Password Hint and your Password Card, both.

Using our tools, you can copy and paste a password.

Yes, you can turn on or off the highlight feature. When it’s on, you can see which characters are selected on your Password Card. When it’s off, you cannot see any chosen characters, but your password is still being constructed. You might choose to turn if off in a public setting or on a shared computer so no one can see it.

Yes, it’s still secure. No one can figure out your passwords using your Password Cards. They need to know your password hints as well; without them, it’s not possible.

It allows you to use our Password Card system to login. There is a possibility that you don’t have access to your Password Cards because they are not printed and/or you are not logged in yet but you still want to be able to use our solution to login in our system. The Password Assistant will generate a Password Card for you after you enter a code. The Password Card will always be the same one using that same code for login.

We created a custom font for the Password Cards so that you can use numeric character “0” and the letter “O” (as an example) without being confused. All the characters are distinguishable using our custom font. See the examples below:

Technical Questions

If you have not received your corporate invitation, please contact your corporate admin. Most likely your email was not entered correctly or it went into your junk folder.

There is an expiration time limit on every invite. Most likely your invitation has expired. Please contact your corporate admin to re-invite you.

It depend on your corporate plan. We can also provide custom solution that can cover as many users as you need.

You go to the main left menu under “My Invites”. From there, you will see a button “Invite users”. You will have 2 options to invite your users. Either by entering their emails manually one by one or upload a CSV file containing the emails.

You have the option to delete or lock a user. If you delete that user, he/she will no longer be able to login and access their Password Cards. That user will be removed from your users. If you lock a user, that user won’t be able to login and access their Password Cards but you will still see them under your list and can unlock them.

Yes, you can re-send invitations under the “My Invites” in the left main menu.

You just need to delete that invitee from your list of invited people.

Only your corporate account owner can cancel the corporate plan. They can do this under the main left menu “Plan Options” and pick the “Cancel Account”.

Billing Questions

We offer both Annual and Monthly subscription plans. We also have corporate plans, and can customize any plan for your requirements. See all our Plans here

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club.

You can review our refund policy here. If you are interested in trying out the PaswordWrench system, we suggest setting up a FREE plan. It’s better than a trial, since it does not expire.

Go under the main left menu “Plan Options”, and pick “Cancel Account”.

We do not keep any financial information on our servers. We use Stripe, a highly respected payment processor that meets our standards of security.