Why PasswordWrench?

Our unique 2-Factor Authentication Service allows enterprises to offer a 2FA to their employees or and customers without requiring training, hardware requirements, phone service, or installation of apps. Our 2FA is the ONLY solution that works for everyone no matter if they have a phone or smartphone, or are techie or less technologically savvy, all while providing the highest level of security and replaceability. And while some external devices will work for anyone, ours is immediately replaceable, reducing support calls and the time someone could be stranded.

Our 2FA works for everyone

We guarantee our technology will be usable and easy to understand for ALL your employees AND customers. Check the comparison chart below to show why PasswordWrench technologies are the best and easiest to use.

PasswordWrench TOTP FIDO2 SMS
Works offline, without costly phone service
Protects against fishing and middle man attacks
Protects against shared secret key vulnerability
Works with or without smartphone
Easy replaceabilty in case of lost device
Phone porting threat protection
No USB port required
Third party malware protection
One-time setup for all login devices
Eliminates PIN exposure through display or send
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How It Works


Your customer generates a Password Card

Our service instantly creates a randomly generated, unique grid.

Printable/downloadable password cards fit perfectly in a wallet, or use the mobile 2FA app to create one-time-use password cards.


You generate a random PIN

Using our API, a random PIN is generated that is usable by your customer’s unique Password Card. You can set how many PIN characters are required.

** 3 digit PIN with PW is safer than 5-digit TOTP PIN **


Your Customer Enters the PIN

Your customers use their Password Card to match the position of the characters and enter the correct characters.


PIN Validation

Using our API, you validate the characters provided by your customer.

That’s it! No waiting on an SMS text that may or may not arrive, no reliance on unsecure third party systems, no costly digital PIN devices you must buy and ship to customers. Instant, safe, and easy!

Easy to integrate using our API. We provide 2 flavors.

Basic Flow

Easy integration
We provide the UI, no branding

Advanced Flow

Full Customization
You create your own UI and branding.

Access the 2-Factor API documentation

How It Works Tutorial Video

Want to know why PasswordWrench's 2-Factor Authentication Service works?
Watch this short overview.