Why PasswordWrench?

PasswordWrench offers cutting-edge dual authentication (2FA) and password management for businesses of every size. Easy to use. Easy to manage.

Two-Factor Authentication

Our unique 2-Factor Authentication Service allows all businesses to offer a 2FA to their employees or customers without having to worry about training, hardware requirements, or phone service. Our 2FA is the ONLY solution that works for everyone no matter if they have a phone or smartphone, or are techie or less technologically savvy, all while providing the highest level of security and replaceability.

PasswordWrench’s 2FA solution’s elegant simplicity ensures a higher user adoption rate, requiring less training. Our 2FA could be used as the sole 2FA or stacked onto an existing 2FA/MFA authentication process as a fail-over.

NO phone, NO SMS, NO devices required

Password Manager

This is the first Password Manager that does not force users to compromise their passwords. Our system does not ask users to enter their password, nor records them, and by doing so, provides the ONLY product in the industry that does not break the foremost important principle of security: passwords should remain secret. Therefore, you no longer have to worry about trusting the tools that store them. Unlike the competition, even if a hacker gains access through your master password, they will still not be able to steal your passwords – an extra layer of security no one else provides.

The notion of trying to remember complex passwords is no longer necessary. It’s also now easy to securely share passwords among colleagues and teams.

Two-Factor Authentication

With our easy-to-use and easy-to-integrate Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) there is no need to use SMS or digital pins devices any longer. Our solutions provides the best of both worlds: the ability to be both more secure and more convenient.

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  • Works offline or online, inside an intranet or extranet.
  • Does not require WIFI, works with or without a mobile device.
  • Replaceable any time; no delay, no costs.
  • Eliminates most type of attacks including MITM (“man in the middle” attacks) and phishing.
  • Superior security over TOTP apps.

Password Manager

Our Password Manager lets all enterprise employees manage their passwords in one central place, without the need to install any applications. It helps manage your company’s 2-Factor Authentication access as well. Save money and time while keeping your business data secure, and the hackers at bay.

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  • Online tool - no downloads minimize security risks as there’s no software to install.
  • Available anywhere and on any device with a modern browser.
  • Always generate complex passwords.
  • Matches any site's requirements.
  • Protect you against spyware, hidden cameras, passersby, keyboard stroke recorders, etc.
  • Manage Password Cards for our 2-Factor Authentication.
  • Share passwords with your colleagues.
  • Manage users within your organization.
  • Configurable Security & Rules Policies.
  • Compliance Audit Logs.