The only thing standing between you and being a victim of Identify Theft is a SIMPLE PASSWORD.
Are your passwords strong enough to stand up against hackers, cyber thieves and brute force attacks?

PasswordWrench is your shield against identity theft and password hackers.
Let us help keep you safe.

Security is More Than Just Our Business

Security is More Than Just Our Business

Security is our passion.

PasswordWrench is the most secure password manager available online. Why?

We do not ask you to enter your passwords and therefore, we do not know your passwords. The best way to keep them truly secure is not to share them with any third party.

Top-Level Security Protocols

Top-Level Security Protocols

PasswordWrench obsessively follows and exceeds today’s best security practices.

With our system:

All data is encrypted in the database, across all communication channels, as is the data delivered to the end browser and then of course, set behind firewalls.

We use top-level encryption technologies including AES 256 bits, RSA, SSL/TLS and more.

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No Weak Passwords

No More Weak Passwords:

Replace unsecure, easy-to-hack passwords! “12345” simply doesn’t cut it in today’s cyber age.

A sophisticated password is one that’s a random mix of alpha-numeric, upper and lower-case characters and symbols, and the longer it is, the better.

You will never forget your complex password

You will never forget your complex password. Why?

Because you don’t have to memorize it. Remembering a long, random string of characters that meets today’s security needs is nearly impossible.

The PasswordWrench system makes it easy for you to recall complex passwords.

Accessible Anywhere

Accessible Anywhere

Online or offline:

PasswordWrench keeps your passwords securely and easily accessible even when you’re not digitally connected.

You can generate a printed password card perfectly designed to fit in your wallet like a credit card to help you manage your hints for easy recall.

Uber Cautious?

Uber Cautious?

PasswordWrench is easy to use from "casual" users who are looking to take their security to the next level, to the most advanced, hard-core security fanatics.

Tools & Tips show you how to maximize PasswordWrench to be uber-secure.

Sharing for Family & Work

Whether you want to share passwords with family members or for work-related reasons, PasswordWrench gives you the ability to manage permission-based access to securely share & manage passwords with others.

For Individuals to Enterprise Corporations

Everyone uses websites and everyone should be keeping their passwords safe. Whether for your personal banking or a large corporation with multiple departments and audit trails, PasswordWrench can provide the secure tools you need.