Enterprise Password Manager

Finally, a password manager that gives you peace of mind knowing that your employees are using secure, complex passwords.

PasswordWrench Enterprise helps:

  • Enforce Password Policy
  • Reduce Help Desk Calls
  • Reduce Cyber Risk
  • Increase Productivity

Secure and Enterprise Ready

Extremely Secure & Reliable

All data is encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption. Dual encryption for extra security

Highlighted Enterprise Features

Bulk Upload

Bulk UploadOn-board all users quickly and efficiently into the system with a simple file upload.

Quick Start

Quick StartSet password parameters or use the quick start program for the most used site logins.

Manage Users

Manage UsersStore & organize all corporate privileged users in a centralized location.

Universal Login Support

Universal Login SupportPasswordWrench supports any passwords to any system type.

Password Resets

Password ResetsSet time limits for users to reset their passwords.

Real-time Dashboard

Real-time DashboardMonitor employee usage data from easy-to-use Admin dashboard.

Universal Access

Universal AccessAccessible from any browsers on any device. Can even be used offline or when disconnected.

Linux, Apple, Windows, Edge, Firefox, Chrome

Sahre Password

Departments, Roles & SharingCreate separate corporate departments and set & manage permission-based Roles for shared passwords.


AuditsReporting for compliance and usage monitoring.

Custom Solutions Available

Our top-notch software team can custom integrate into other systems or build custom features for any corporate password management needs.

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Security Measure

Threat Type



PasswordWrench is different from all competitors in that we do not store any managed passwords. Zero Trust approach.

Protect against Hidden cameras. We have options to generate and retrieve your passwords without having to show anything on your screen.

Protect against Keyloggers. We have options to generate and retrieve your passwords without any keyboard key entries.

Manage former employees / consultants accessing shared access with permission-based roles.

Secure SSL connection to server: 128-bit SSL certificate.

Database encrypted using FIPS 140-2 compliant AES256 encryption algorithm.

SHA-512 Hashing Algorithm.

Clipboard Clearing: after a few seconds of using a password, the clipboard is automatically cleared.

We provide custom solutions; you can run our solution on your own servers.